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5 Big Factors For Selecting A Vehicle Wrap

Here’s a question: How much would you pay for 1000 people to see your next ad?

15 cents probably sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?

According to The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), that’s the Cost per Thousand (CPM) Impressions that advertisers pay with a vehicle wrap.

Now add the fact that most Americans spend an average of 15 hours per week in their cars – suddenly, we’re talking far more than 1000 people potentially seeing a branded vehicle.

If that makes you take notice, we’re glad. But it’s also important that before you approach a printer and say, “I want to do a vehicle wrap,” there are some crucial elements for you to consider so you can choose the right wrap for your goals. Here are 5 major factors to think about to get your wheels turning – before your wheels actually start turning.

Is the surface flat and smooth or more riveted and uneven?

When a surface isn’t spec’d to perfection, it can be an issue in the finished product. Viewing the design all by itself without taking the type of vehicle into consideration isn’t giving you the complete picture. And when you’re on the road competing with other vehicles for attention, the complete picture is the only kind to convey.

How do you plan on using it?

We know – you’re thinking, “I want to stick it on a car, of course!” Well, you might want to think about that a little harder because not all materials are the same. From liquid laminate to film. So if you were exploring a vehicle wrap that needed to last several years, for example, you might find certain laminates wouldn’t hold up to the elements as well as others. Again, that’s why if that quote you received seems a little too good to be true, it might be because it’s a cheaper material – and not necessarily a better one.
What about visibility? Do you want to be able to block all visibility into the vehicle? Or would you like greater visibility in and out of the windows? This too can be a big factor in your selection.

How long do you want to use the wrap?

Is it for a specific ad campaign that’s going to be done within a year? Or is it for more general corporate identity work that features your colors and logo? The answer here can determine whether you want a short-term wrap or a long-term wrap that’s more durable for withstanding years of the outdoor elements without fading, cracking or peeling.

How much of the vehicle do you want to wrap?

Most assume that a wrap is always a full-body project when in reality, it doesn’t have to be. What if the logo was prominently displayed on the hood? Or a few select decals where placed on some windows where people commonly look? Knowing this may play a difference in the overall price, so it’s smart to keep this factor in mind.

Do they have the 3rd party certification to back it up?

Some installers are certified by 3M (like ours at ER2 Image Group (Formerly Bloomingdale Signs)). Some aren’t. When you go with an un-certified installer, you’re taking a risk on using someone who may not have the track record of doing quality installs. Even if the wrap is for the relative short-term, that’s not a chance worth taking. No matter how good the overall deal they’re providing seems.

Don’t know all the answers? No problem.

Our people at ER2 Image Group (Formerly Bloomingdale Signs) aren’t just “printers,” but true brand consultants who can guide you on the type of vehicle wrap that’s right for your goals ahead. We understand that it’s not just a vehicle but a vital component of your overall brand. Let’s help ensure it holds up its end, transforms an ordinary vehicle into an attractive product and provides the lift you’re seeking. If you don’t specify all the factors that matter, you’re leaving it in the hands of someone who’s just trying to get your business but not thinking about what you want to accomplish. We’ll chart a course that’s easy to follow – and help your chances that more people on the road follow your brand too.

For questions on vehicle wraps, call ER2 Image Group(Formerly Bloomingdale Signs by Tomorrow) at 630.980.4567.

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