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How many cooks in the kitchen do you need?

Why one shop for visual communications may be all it takes.

Botched concepts. Flawed results. Unmet deadlines. Everyone tends to have some fear of these results. Especially when you’re entrusting a project that could be a healthy investment to not one but many different vendors.

You’ve got a firm for design. A shop for printing. A crew for installation.

What are the chances something falls through the cracks when it gets passed from one company to the next? Or that messages get mixed and muddled as communication flows from one vendor to the next.


The more hands on that project, the higher that percentage is sure to go up.

Clients choose ER2 Image Group (Formerly Bloomingdale Signs by Tomorrow) for many things like quality, creativity, knowledge and expertise. But what they may not consider, since it often takes place behind-the-scenes, is the very essence of our success:


Instead of the often delayed and confusing process of hiring separate vendors, ER2 Image Group (Formerly Bloomingdale Signs by Tomorrow) has all these services under one roof, providing a one-stop-shop for all your visual communication needs.

A family-run business, the staff at Bloomingdale signs behaves just as that: family. Though we’ve experienced rapid growth and have embraced many talented staff outside the Schellerer bloodline, our large, shared, open space allows for easy interaction and communication from one step of your graphics creation to the next. Each project received careful, focused attention of all involved, with frequent discussions, much watching over each other’s shoulders and team approval needed before a product is considered complete.


Having our designers, printers and installers all together in-house not only provides you with a more organized, quality, customer-friendly experience, but it also provides you with better discounts on the three combined services.

Let’s talk more about it. Whether you’ve got one piece of the process or need a design, print and installation team. Call Gary Schellerer at 630.893.4450 or email

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