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What Does “Ideas Are Bigger Here” Actually Mean?

ER2 Image Group is a grand format printer, and we’re one of the best you’ll come across. So our tagline, “Ideas Are Bigger Here,” has an obvious literal interpretation. The work we churn out is BIG.

But the tagline is also an ideology, one that runs deep and is part of who we are. For a look at what it truly means, we had a quick Q&A with Gary and Alan Schellerer.

Q: What does “Ideas Are Bigger Here” mean to you?

Gary: The biggest ideas are usually the ones that are right in front of you. They are the ideas that result In those “Aha” moments that in hindsight make us wonder why we didn’t think of that before. These ideas are the ones we are always searching for. The culture at ER2 constantly provides us with opportunities to find, polish and execute these ideas into opportunities that make a real difference to a business’s identity.

Alan: I’ll come clean. The slogan first makes me think of a Dick Tracy-style movie when someone would bump into a man in a trench coat and he would turn around and say, “Hey….what’s the Big Idea…meh..?” and the other guy would look at him, smile, and keep on moving forward, as if he knew something the offended guy didn’t.

But when I get out of my head and think how this defines ER2 Image Group, I suppose the most literal meaning would be the most accurate. When our team is presented with an idea, it’s almost always just the starting point for us. That idea elevates, from one firing synapse to next. From one ER2 team member to another, from one department to the next. And by the time that idea is brought to life and goes out the door, it was bigger and better than when it came in. Ideas become bigger here.

Q: How would you describe the team and family culture that makes up ER2 and how this mantra impacts the work?

Gary: My father always taught me that the key to success is to surround yourself with talented people who are passionate about what they do. This has been our focus over the past 27 years. We have one of the most creative and energetic team that takes an enormous amount pride in what they do. This gives our clients a package that is rarely found all under one roof.

It’s truly rare to find one company with a diverse enough staff to handle all aspects of printing in a world-class way. Every day we are presented with challenges that, on the surface, seem unobtainable. Our ability to peel back the layers of these challenges into manageable tasks is the secret to success.   Failure is never an option.

Q: What excites you about what the future holds for ER2, and how do you plan to apply the “Ideas Are Bigger Here” concept to achieve goals, push the envelope and exceed client expectations?

Gary: I’m more excited today about the direction we are heading then I have ever been before. We have such a powerful team that’s capable of such great things. I can’t wait to see what comes next. We consider our clients to be family and want to help them to the best of our ability. As our abilities have grown, we’ve found ourselves in a place where we can make a real difference and do great things for our partners.

Alan: We try to remind our team that everyone here is here for a reason. They have something to contribute that I can’t, or they can accomplish something that I can’t. I believe that the open collaboration and acceptance of each other’s ideas within these walls are what make our projects so polished when they are completed. Mind you, many of our Big Ideas don’t come to fruition, but when they do it’s usually something that’s pretty amazing, something we can build on in the future. But if we find an idea doesn’t work, that’s fine…. just like the guys in those ‘50s movies, we just smile and keep moving forward.

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