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Inside ER2: Laura Petersen Thrives On Fast-Paced Days And a Positive Attitude

Account Executive Laura Petersen isn’t surprised to find herself employed by ER2. As she puts it, “Where else would a multi-tasking whirl-wind with a Graphic Communication Degree and an Art minor work?”

A “Jackie of All Trades”

Not that it wasn’t an interesting journey. Laura has a very eclectic work history. She held part-time jobs at veterinarian clinics and cleaning for Service Master, handling packages for UPS, selling clothes and eye glasses in retail stores and even helped out in a pizza place during college.

But eventually, she moved toward more degree-specific positions. These included jobs like typesetter for an engraving company, technical writer and technical support/customer service for a bindery firm, Xerox Sales Rep and Account Manager, and Sales Rep for tradeshow houses.

ER2 Calling!

Laura’s first contact with ER2 was actually as a client! She used the services of ER2 for a trade show and even introduced Alan Schellerer to her co-workers and clients. So when a mutual friend informed her of an opening, she interviewed and got the job at what she calls the garden spot of the sign-making industry. She started in May of 2015.

Laura manages a current book of business while researching new revenue streams and profit-making opportunities within them. She coordinates client services with vendors from various industries, negotiates rates and reconciles invoices from these vendors. On occasion she has to act as the “softer-side” of our crazy-busy company for clients who just need a little hand-holding.

As a visual person who says color and balance make her day, part of the job that she enjoys is keeping current with the ever-changing industry and materials. She believes this helps her find the best solutions for customers’ projects. She keeps everything straight by always looking for a better way to do things and, oh yes, checkboxes. “I love me my checkboxes – especially when I can check them off!”

Laura Speaking

When Laura’s on the job, it’s Laura on the phone. She is a very hands-on kind of person. “When I am the voice on the other end of the phone or the name on the email, I want to be sure what I am telling my clients is accurate.” She is also big on follow through and likes to see the final results of her sales pitch and how it fits into her clients’ big picture.

Punched Out Pastimes

Laura’s family took road trips, so she and her brother got to see a LOT of the United States from the back of a station wagon. She is t

rying to do the same with her own family and took an RV trip to the Black Hills, a trip down to St. Louis and another out to Colorado Springs.

Most of her traveling right now is to different schools every weekend for soccer and basketball games. “But if I got to sit on my couch and watch a game, it would be a football.”

Laura also likes loud music (when she is in the car alone) and like almost anything with a beat –“But no Grunge!”

Special talents include still doing the splits, a pretty mean side kick left over from her Karate days, and balancing and catching a stack of quarters off her elbow! She’s also been told she can see the positive side, even when there isn’t anything positive. So, call her “Polly Positive-Spin” and know that she is always looking for a laugh, or at very least a smile, when she talks to you.

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