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Big Format Success Can Be Measured in Small Ways

It’s typical for most companies to measure their success by just looking at their P & L statements at the end of the year. While we did set new records for volume and profitability last year (thank you, clients), we like to think our achievements of the past 12 months are based on more than numbers in a ledger book. Before the demands and challenges of the new year command all our attention, we’d like to share with you some of the subtler, and often invisible, reasons for our success in 2018 and the years to come.

Celebration of the Individual

Anyone who has worked with them will tell you we have some pretty exceptional people on our staff. That didn’t happen by accident. Creating a culture that allows our team to be themselves has always been a cornerstone of our company. We want to surround ourselves with professionals that we can learn from and allow them to accomplish their projects and goals in a way that suits them best. We believe its counterproductive to even try and change that. “Everyone is different, and we embrace that diversity,” said Vice President Alan Schellerer. “Having different personalities, working methods, etc., creates an atmosphere that continually promotes the exchange of knowledge and experience.” Our continued success has its foundation in this principle.

Sharing the Load

Our move into the new building is a perfect example of how well our staff melds together. “When you look back at it, the ease in which we were able to move our three previous locations into our new facility is absolutely amazing,” said President Gary Schellerer, Sr. “We were up and running almost immediately without missing a beat. This speaks volumes about the caliber of our management and staff.”

Alan concurred. “My family and I are very involved in daily operations at ER2. Because of the move to the new facility we had a lot of additional responsibilities on our plates. Our team was incredible about putting in the extra effort to cover our day-to-day obligations while we were tied up with the move.”

Investing in Trust

We know that we are nothing without our customers. We try to instill in our team the idea that a client relationship is like a friendship. It takes time and consistency to earn the trust of a client, and once you have it, you have to nurture it constantly. We take pride in the new clients we brought on board this year and continue to treasure our legacy customers.

Creating New Opportunities

Which leads us to another measure of the success we enjoyed in 2018 – the projects we’ve created for next year. “New opportunities are presenting themselves more and more frequently,” Alan said. Many of these doors have opened thanks to our new facility. The increased square footage provides space for new equipment that allows us to expand our capabilities and improve our workflow processes. “This, in turn, ensures the sustainability that will move us forward, (and helps me sleep at night),” Alan added.

Building on Success

We leave 2018 well satisfied with our success, no matter how you measure it. But, if you know us, you know we are never complacent. We have even higher expectations for 2019…and we’re ready. We’re getting settled into our new building and have invested in new state-of-the-art equipment that gives us the infrastructure to keep up with our creative bandwidth and make our customer’s wildest ideas come to life. In short, we are geared up, focused and ready for to serve you even better.

The Final Secret

The final key to our success? We’re all a little crazy here! We laugh…a lot! Seriously, we constantly crack ourselves up. And we love that our clients get that and feed off of the energy, pushing us and themselves to the very edge of the creative envelope.

We ended our year celebrating with our amazing team. Here are some photos from the event.

We told you we’re a little crazy!

If you’d like to be part of the fun in 2019, contact us.

Let’s build something fantastic together.


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