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A Super Eco-Friendly Installation.
Like Moss Growing Out Of The Walls Eco-Friendly.

Norix is a company that manufactures highly durable in function yet modern in design furniture for a broad spectrum of environments – hospitals, group homes, student unions, police departments and more.

Yet, in some ways, the environment that may matter most to Norix is the one that impacts us all on Earth. A resolve to do right by the planet burns deeply within the company and its employees, which goes a long way toward explaining why Norix’s company headquarters runs almost entirely on thousands of solar energy panels.

That’s right. We’re talking the kind of eco-friendly company headquarters that’s so committed to sustainability and a green-focused approach to business, you could easily describe the place as “off the grid.”

Yet, Norix wanted more. The leadership team at Norix was passionate about sending a strong message to convey its sustainability focus throughout the décor of the building.

Approximately 90% of the electricity for Norix’s company headquarters and manufacturing processes comes from renewable energy sources, including 3,444 rooftop photovoltaic solar panels and 22-foot “solar trees.”

Reflecting the true mission of Norix required a highly creative and visually impactful installation that ER2 Image Group was happily up to the challenge to provide.

To help illustrate Norix’s commitment to sustainability and Mother Earth, ER2 Image Group was called upon to help install a wall covering that brought in a variety of elements:

The Norix logo itself was made out of wood, while several planters boxes mounted to the wall included live moss, installed on a large DreamScape digital wallcovering displaying the Norix campus.

Near those elements on the wall covering, passersby can also read about the following:

  • LEED-Gold (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building
  • Preserved prairie land that Norix’s headquarters rests upon
  • Floor-to-ceiling double-paned glass that harvests natural daylight
  • Use of stormwater to recharge groundwater and reduce the impact on city systems

The result is an installation that shows how beautiful design and sustainability can go hand in hand – which is an excellent description of the quality, sustainable product Norix consistently develops for its customers too.

You don’t need moss growing out of your walls to engage ER2 Image Group on an installation project that’s environmentally friendly throughout your building or office. Let’s talk about bringing your vision for sustainability to life and growing it, all while aligning with your brand identity and values. Sustainability Is Bigger Here.

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