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Large-format Printing: Branding is bigger here

When bigger is better, ER2 is your best bet. After more than two decades refining our large format printing capabilities, we’re at the top of our game.

ER2’s technological capabilities belong to you when working with us. Our facility has large format printers with the ability to print as large as 16 feet wide in one panel. An in-house team of experts utilizes the one-two punch of art and technology to make these projects look amazing. We always strive for perfection. When your company has a need to go big, come to ER2.

Retail Point of Purchase: Retail Working Overtime

You may have the best sale in your industry, but what if customers don’t know about it? Retail owners pour hours into keeping their shop running like a well-oiled machine; with ER2, you’ll get a company that matches that hustle and intensity.

ER2 assists shops of all sizes with our retail point of purchase printing. Our signs, banners and displays will let you strut your stuff to customers, allowing merchandise to appear as important as you want. Don’t let the competition get a leg up on you; go big with ER2 today.

event graphics: give life to the party

While no one wants to host a boring party, many soirees end up lacking color, creativity and planning. You won’t have to worry about that with the ER2 advantage. Our job is to help organizers throw the best event possible. We know how hectic and complex event planning can be, so we’ll be there with you every step of the way to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

Your event demands a quick turnaround. You need a company willing to get event graphics out the door in a matter of seconds. That’s ER2. Check out some examples of events we have worked on. We’re sure you’ll be happy with the graphics we create together.

architectural signage: on every surface lies a story

Do people know your story? Customer recognition is essential for any business. ER2’s architectural signage will allow you to show off your business’ name and logo in a way that lets customers learn your unique story. Best of all, we take care of the entire job so you don’t have to. This includes doing the dirty work, such as getting approval from your city to ensure the sign can go up with no problems.

Check out some of our past examples of architectural signs. Contact us to see what we can do for your business.

vehicle graphics: make traffic work for you

What if you could turn road trips, parking lots and joy rides into opportunities to win new business? Vehicle graphics from ER2 make this a possibility.

We’re fortunate to have a highly skilled, certified team of professionals to make what we produce look incredible every time. Creating vehicle graphics is our specialty. There are plenty of companies across the U.S. that can print or install; at ER2, we pride ourselves in being able to take care of the entire job, turning your vehicle into a billboard on wheels.

trade show graphics: presentation is everything

Trade shows are often a big opportunity to win new customers, but what if your trade show graphics fall flat? ER2 knows just how important good presentation is; we want to make your job easy. We’ll take care of your signage needs from start to finish, focusing on making it look extremely appealing.

Our in-house experts, as well as our nationwide network of installers, will meet all of your needs from the planning stage to the finish of the event. Our goal is to make your trade show look brilliant. Check out examples of our previous work and contact us to see how we can improve your show this year!

Fabric: Taking the Weight Off

ER2’s fabric printing capabilities will lighten your load—literally. Fabric is a lightweight, flexible, and portable alternative to traditional vinyl or rigid substrates. Print bigger without worrying about losing quality or durability. With dye sublimation printing on our 132” d.Gen Grande G5 Textile Printer, we give you unlimited color choice to bring vibrant, long-lasting graphics to trade show booths, indoor and outdoor banners, and many other displays.

We offer a variety of fabrics and frames for you to choose from, and our highly experienced team does all printing and fabrication in-house. We also specialize in finishing options such as Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) that allow less frame to cover the graphic, revealing a fabric image in its entirety. From start to finish, we provide all the services and staff needed to create a fabric graphic that stands out among the rest. Check out some of our projects to see how ER2 can lighten your load with fabric printing.

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