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Work On Our Own Brand? Whoa. How Do We Do That?

One question we get from people is: Considering how we’re moving so fast in our day-to-day business serving our clients, when do we ever find the time to work on special things for our own brand?

Welcome to the 20’s!

Good question. It’s not easy. But we made the effort come together for the ER2 Image Group ( Formerly Bloomingdale Signs by Tomorrow) holiday party. This “Roaring 20’s” themed event became a fun time had by all that featured dinner, dancing and a casino with “funny money.”

First, you can’t do it all alone.

If you want to do something up right without stressing about it too much, hire an event planner. They’ve done enough of these by now that they consider all the little things you never will. In our case, we couldn’t have pulled off all the details big and small without Bobbi Schellerer of Party Professionals, Inc. While we were focusing on what we do best, namely getting certain pieces printed for the event, Bobbi focused on making sure the venue, entertainment, food and beverage was coordinated smoothly.


Meanwhile, back at the print shop…

To help bring the theme to life of a 1920’s “Speakeasy,” we had to print giant sections of wall backgrounds to set the tone so that every wall in the room was completely covered. It had to look like the kind of place where Al Capone would look right at home.


Enough planning. It’s party time.

On the day of the event, we were frantically putting together everything from craps tables for our “funny money” to making sure we had enough fedora hats for people to wear as they entered.

All in all, we have a newfound appreciation for what some of our clients go through in event and trade show planning – when that happens, it’s nice for us to concentrate just on the signage portion of it all!

A great speech by Alan Schellerer highlighted how lucky we are to be able to enjoy times like these when we can reflect on all our hard work of the past year. It goes without saying but we’ll say it anyway – your trust in us at ER2 Image Group ( Formerly Bloomingdale Signs by Tomorrow) gives us another year to celebrate. We’re poised to do big things in 2012 and look forward to helping you reach your goals in a big way too.

The Schellerer Gang

Click here for a lot more photos of the ER2 Image Group (Formerly Bloomingdale Signs by Tomorrow) holiday party!

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