Idea Factory Tour



Louis Kahn

Step inside ER2 Image Group for a closer look at where the magic happens.

There’s nothing quite like an environment that inspires boundless creativity and higher standards of success. It’s a space that provides you energy and lights your team up too. And it’s no coincidence that there’s a direct connection to better performance, collaboration and retention of both employees and clients.

That’s the result we love bringing to life in our own environment at ER2 Image Group. In fact, take a look for yourself through this interactive tour of our facility.

Design Production Area

The place where ideas and concepts become all the more real in the hands of our talented in-house design specialists, people who know how to merge the visually powerful with your brand identity.

Production Area

What’s “on paper” is transformed every day here into incredibly high-quality graphics. Getting it out the door on time and under budget is a given in any printing environment. What’s not is having the kind of people who have deep experience in being able to suggest the very best materials and practices so that your results are always both stunning and sustainable. We’re proud and honored to say we have the best of the best in that department.

Presentation Area

Our largest room for team collaboration, this is where you’ll most commonly see our departments joining forces for brainstorming and planning. Creating fresh ideas doesn’t exist in a bubble or a select area here. Everyone is part of the “Idea Department” and this is where you’re most likely to see our team pushing the envelope of delivering more than anything that’s just expected.

It’s also where we’ll likely meet with you to discuss the vision, goals and scope of work for your environment.

Sales Area

With a variety of sales representatives, account managers and some members of upper management working in this area, chances are good you’re having a conversation with someone in this room committed to guiding your project through to completion and your ultimate satisfaction.

our office is as intentional as our work

Bring that intentionality to your project today