Design is the silent


Paul Rand
Graphic Designer and Art Director

Transforming Your Design Into A Brand Story

Whether it’s a workplace, retail store or public area, the key element of ER2 Image Group’s process begins here. Yes, this is the “this is really happening” moment you’ve been waiting for. When we transform your environment from a vision in your mind or on the page into something that feels so real: The design phase.

As we consider your physical space during our initial consultation, our team of extraordinarily talented graphic designers isn’t just thinking about the scope of work or color palettes. No way.

They’re thinking about objectives, asking themselves things like, “What kind of experience do we want for people who come into this environment? How should it feel to me as an employee? How should it feel to me as a customer or prospective client? And as a result of that feeling, how will it shape my behavior?”


We know. We’re getting really deep here. But there’s a good reason for that.

When ER2 thinks about positive experiences and outcomes, we design around them with a passion for creativity and detail that can’t be matched. This translates well into expressing your brand identity and story louder and prouder, quite possibly more than any other place where that brand is currently seen.

Design Services:

In addition, we draw upon a vast range of materials we’ve worked with like fabric, wood, vinyl, metal and an entire library of sustainable materials.

Once we have a solid sense of our approach, timeline and the investment required, we’ll share that with you in a well-defined proposal. Plus, you’ll have key input here on any design concepts you’d like to refine. 

With a finalized design in place that you’re excited to experience, we’re ready to bring your ideas to life in the most stunning way possible. In other words, it’s time to kick our production mode into high gear. That means Printing. And Fabrication.

Design that is larger than life.

Brand bigger with our design team.