Giving Wayfinding Signage A Bolder Direction – And Bigger Purpose

Imagine entering an office building and having absolutely no idea where to go for a meeting, the restroom, the cafeteria or anywhere else.

And on top of that imposing challenge, you’re blind.

Now you’re getting the idea of how vital wayfinding signage is.

But deep down, we already really know that, don’t we? We use wayfinding so much every day to navigate the spaces around us that we often take it for granted.

wayfinding signage

Unfortunately, individuals with disabilities can’t assume wayfinding signs are always present and clear. Especially since they surely count on this type of signage more than anyone. However, one thing is certain: It’s the law that this type of signage is in place.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates that all office spaces must be designed with accessibility in mind, with ADA-compliant wayfinding signs that are concise and easy to read. “OK,” you think. “So I’ll make sure I have disability signs that are easy to recognize.”

Not so fast. Simply getting signs printed without a real plan for your space doesn’t mean you’ll be covered if an ADA Compliance Inspector shows up. So let’s get ahead of things right now before they do.

wayfinding signage

Here are the factors we consider at ER2 Image Group when we’re producing a wayfinding signage strategy for clients with large environments that demand ultra-clarity while still providing a style that meshes well with your brand. And complies with the ADA.

      • Is the wayfinding sign easy to reach for the average person?
        A good sign has to be within arm’s length, not so high that a visually impaired person can’t use Braille on the sign.

      • Is there enough physical space between wayfinding signs?
        You may have a lot to communicate to people through your signage, but don’t put too much of it in one place. This can create a lot of visual clutter and important messages risk getting lost in the “noise” of this overload. While this could be confusing to anyone, those with certain disabilities trying to navigate the environment deserve the utmost clarity from your wayfinding signage. You can’t give that to them with a variety of messages at once.

      • Are the lettering, colors and fonts used in the wayfinding signs consistent with the brand?
        This may seem obvious, but we can’t tell you how many signs we’ve seen before starting a job that don’t have that vital brand consistency. Remember, this isn’t just a sign or group of them. These represent critical elements of the brand environment you’re creating. So don’t minimize their potential impact!

      • Can anyone with disabilities navigate on their own with these wayfinding signs? Or are they likely going to be asking someone for directions?
        The easiest answer to this question is to test and monitor the reactions of those with disabilities. Do they struggle to understand the wayfinding signage or can they easily find their direction from place to place without difficulty? You don’t invest in wayfinding signage just to watch someone ask, “Do you know where….”

        Every question your prospect or customer has of where to go in your environment communicates that the wayfinding signage could be much clearer or similar. And if they ask someone on your team to lead them to the proper destination, they’re pulling that person away from other important daily responsibilities. You surely don’t want any of that to happen.

    wayfinding signage

    How To Produce Superior Wayfinding Signage Every Time

    ER2 has invested in the type of UV/LED printer from our partners at Direct Color Systems (DCS) that gives our clients the very best quality industrial inkjet printing. Plus, the type of ink we use in this type of printing isn’t limited to stock colors, which means ER2 has far more creative freedom to color match and build any textured background that’s required.

    The way we see it at ER2 Image Group, wayfinding signage isn’t just about getting people from here to there or even ADA compliance alone. It’s a design element that can be just as critical to setting the tone for your brand as anything else and we have to send a strong message from that brand that everyone who enters your space is welcome. That’s why we have a wayfinding strategy that’s very intentional because the end result directly communicates a lot about how fully inclusive you truly are.”

    Alan Schellerer
    Vice-President / Partner, ER2 Image Group

    wayfinding signage

    If yours is a large environment such as a corporate headquarters, talk to ER2 Image Group today. In addition to the superior product you can always expect with our wayfinding signage, we also have dedicated designers on staff who are trained in ADA compliance. So you can rest easy, knowing that every sign we take into production at ER2 will be compliant with the ADA. Call ER2 Image Group at 630.980.4567 or email [email protected]