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An idea is


Frank Lloyd Wright

Everyone Remembers One Booth. Just One. No Pressure.

Know how people leave a trade show with a bunch of swag and throw out most of it the next day?

Their brains work that way too.

They attend the show, they take it all in and then 99% of what they experienced leaves their mental swag bag 48 hours later.

you only get a few seconds

We recognize the mere seconds you have to register an impression that connects to a conversation that connects to a demonstration that connects to an appointment on the books. It all has to start somewhere. And that somewhere is a banner, a floor graphic, a mural, a display and anything else that kicks that chain of events off like a rocket.

Knock their Socks Off

Unless, unless, unless you were the one and only exhibitor who knocked their socks off with your booth environment, inspired by the design elements designed and installed by ER2 Image Group.

You have a booth that blends in with the rest or you have a revenue launch pad that starts making money back for you in no time.

Exhibition Inspiration

To be memorable, there’s only one graphic solution provider you’ll remember. ER2.