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Frank Lloyd Wright

What’s The Difference Between Success And Failure At A Trade Show? About Five Seconds.

Trade shows have no room for error. You either connect with a prospect, bring them in for a conversation and continue the momentum from education to viewing a demo or you watch them walk right by, never to return.

trust that goes above and beyond

Are you going to trust that to anyone less than a team that has your best outcome in mind? See, at ER2 Image Group, we’re not just about getting your trade show graphics set up right and on time. That’s what anybody is supposed to do.

the results you need

No, we’re thinking about the business result you want to achieve from the time you make eye contact and open your mouth to the last minute of the show. Is it leads? How many? What type of messaging and what does the ideal customer look like for you? All of this and more goes into our direction for the in-house design team and a nationwide network of installers that we believe are the very best in the business.

Exhibition Inspiration

success by design

Over three or four days of any trade show, there’s a whole lot that can feel like random luck or chance. We’re here at ER2 to ensure that it all feels like success by design.