93 Octane Brewery Gets A “Draft On Wheels”

You know that dream you’ve had where it’s a hot summer day and you hear the familiar sound of an ice cream truck…but it’s actually a truck full of beer you come running to?

Well, dreams do come true thanks to the vehicle wrap ER2 Image Group has done for 93 Octane Brewery in St. Charles, IL.

93 Octane Brewery

The craft brewery’s name of 93 Octane refers to the family’s heritage, as they’ve been running gasoline stations for over 40 years as a second-generation family business. Much like another second-generation family business we know.

93 Octane Brewery

Our vehicle wrap team at ER2 gave the “Draft on Wheels” wrap a very retro cool feel – how about those white-hot flames on the hood – that lets the whole neighborhood know that world-class American and German-style craft beer from 93 Octane Brewery is here to enjoy. Like an oasis from several decades back in time.

So whether you’re into Hugger Whip Wheat Ale, Wake And Bake Sour Diesel, Swing Lube Kolsch Session Ale or any of 93 Octane Brewery’s terrific selections, today’s your lucky day.