Event Coordinator

Quality means


Henry Ford

The Most Successful Events
Are Defined By The Things Nobody Notices.

Funny how that happens, right? You know how that is as an event coordinator and planner – anything out of place is noticed for all the wrong reasons and becomes an unnecessary distraction. But when it’s all in alignment, it’s simultaneously magic and invisible.

The people you partner with for your event’s design and installation should be wired exactly the same way.

Thankfully, at ER2 Image Group, we definitely are.

We bring a team of installers with the highest skillset to the table – literally. They’re accompanied by managers who ensure that the location you’ve invested so much time and energy into is a perfect reflection of what you intended. And, dare we say, even better.

stress relievers

We’re not going to say you won’t feel stress between now and the event. But we will say you won’t stress out from the design and installation team you hired if they have the ER2 logo on their shirts.

Event Space Inspiration

It's not a space. It’s an experience .

ER2 gets that.