It’s not just about the words on the page, but the way they’re presented, the layout, the design.

Milton Glaser
Creator of the iconic "I ♥ NY"

Transforming The Power Of Grand Format Printing

Printing has been a passion of ours at ER2 Image Group from Day 1. But we wouldn’t be in business for decades and grow if we didn’t evolve with the times, then stay ahead of the times altogether. 

Part of living up to that promise is a strong investment in technology for grand format printing, such as large format printers that allows ER2 to produce graphics up to 16 feet wide in one panel. 

Capabilities like that allow us to think big and act bigger, with high-quality graphics your audience couldn’t possibly ignore when the environment calls for:

But we didn’t stop there. What if you could print on anything you wanted to?

UV Direct To Board Printing

Another method in our arsenal of print services at ER2 Image Group is UV Direct To Board printing, which expands the possibilities of design heavily by printing dazzling colors and sharp images onto substrates. We’re talking PVC. Metal. Card stock. Acrylic. Wood.

If you’re thinking about incorporating vibrant displays in your environment, you’ll be glad our expertise in this area is second to none. This includes knowledge of environmentally-friendly printing methods to reduce your organization’s carbon footprint by emitting no harmful volatile compounds (VOCs) into the air.

If it can be printed on an ultra-large scale, chances are ER2 Image Group can produce it, manage it and install it. You just can’t be in better hands.

Still, we’re not done bringing the magic to your environment. That’s where the intricate and precise details associated with our Fabrication phase come in.

Print New life into your project

Nearly limitless options await your project. But don’t worry, we will guide you to get exactly what you need.