Printing Glossy AND Matte Simultaneously?

Your Wish Is Granted With Our Canon Colorado 1650

Got a need for several glossy banners that excite your audience in an instant? How about wallpaper that pops with dazzling color to create the most inviting environment possible?

Well then, your timing couldn’t be better. Because the next generation of production printer is here and we can’t wait to put it to work for you under our watchful eyes at ER2 Image Group.

The Canon Colorado 1650 allows ER2 Image Group to print glossy and matte finishes at the same time for our clients, with incredible output. In fact, we can switch from matte to gloss and back without ever needing to change inks or media! 

The Colorado 1650 is the fastest production printer in its class. We’re talking a bonafide blazer of a machine that can crank out 430 feet of output with a gloss finish or 290 feet of output in a matte finish, both in “High Quality Mode,” within just a few hours.

Yet, even with its superior power under the hood, the Canon Colorado 1650 never sacrifices quality one bit. Its built-in FLXfinish+ technology enables us to provide output on a variety of media and materials – smooth and structured, porous and uncoated.

And of course, let’s not forget the best production team in the large format printing business attending to your project, ensuring the ultimate accuracy and consistency.

Sound enticing? Then let’s talk more about what you have in mind by giving us a call at 630-980-4567 or emailing

For examples of ER2 Image Group’s work using the Canon Colorado 1650, check out these project photos!

Canon Colorado 1650
Canon Colorado 1650