Nothing happens unless FIRST WE DREAM.

Carl Sandburg
American Poet

It’s Not A Store.
It’s What Your Customer Imagines Themselves To Be.

Store. Now there’s an ironic word with retail. Are we really meant to just store things in a retail setting? No. We’re meant to excite people in the retail environment so much that they feel like the store is speaking to them.

And what’s it saying? “You belong. You’re one of us. You deserve what’s here and when you try or turn it on, you’ll feel like a better, more confident version of yourself.”

we make the roadmap

None of this happens by accident. All of the sights, colors and emotional triggers have been carefully orchestrated by ER2 Image Group through signage, displays, banners, window graphics and other ingredients.

experience our experience

Expertly installed, these elements come together to entice consumers to spend more time in your store. And let’s face it – the more time spent in your store is probably going to result in, well, more spent in your store.

Retail Inspiration

Stir Your Team's Emotions

By the way, if your store is part of a chain, ER2’s retail rollout program for businesses with a national footprint allows us to bring our highly experienced team into your store to ensure complete brand consistency. It’s a process that ER2 has made remarkably smooth for brands with hundreds of locations.