Your vision will become clear only when you can


Carl Jung
Swiss psychiatrist

Transforming Your Vision Into Reality

There’s a way to envision what your branded environment will be upon transformation early on. It starts with an entirely different, highly collaborative consultation with ER2 Image Group’s team to transform your vision.

We’ll begin by discussing the Vision you have for the space. How do you picture what your people will feel and experience every time they step into the space? What do you want them to say to others about it? What story do you believe it should tell?

Studying Your Current Space to Unlock Its Full Potential

As we begin to understand your business, brand and values, we’ll move into the process of surveying to obtain critical information about the architecture, lighting and layout of the space. This point in the process also pays respect to the importance of functionality, flow and the overall aesthetic this space should have when all of its elements come together.

We proactively see all of this potential for your environment and then some in the earliest of stages at ER2, even before we’ve begun the next stage of Design.

Thinking bigger, earlier.

In our minds, no branded environment can be transformed without it.