Bringing The “Wow” Factor To Lewis University’s History

Lewis University

History doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, if you check out a certain highlight wall on the main campus of Lewis University, it’s anything but.

That’s because history is responsible for the most exciting, must-see graphic design piece that anyone can come across – a timeline of Lewis University on an entire wall at the school’s College of Business, providing many descriptions of major events occurring across the decades.

Is the person viewing the wall likely to be a prospective Lewis student, current student, faculty member or alumnus? Yes. All of the above and then some.

It’s an illuminating wall that introduces the people who have shaped Lewis University into what it is today – a university providing 6,200 students with a liberal and professional education since 1932. Not to mention one that has earned a top 10 national ranking by Military Times.

The Lewis University College of Business timeline wall results from a close collaboration between ER2 Image Group and an exceptional graphic design partner.

Here’s how it came together.

Lewis University

The Background

University of Chicago’s Chris Leather, Director of Graphic Design and his Assistant Director, Sean Hernandez, have handled a variety of high-profile projects that call for their talents in ideation and design execution.

Chris and Sean had a new, unique challenge before them from Lewis University with two primary goals:

  1. Capture the best stories and photos of Lewis University’s nearly 100-year timeline.
  2. Convey those stories in the most captivating, appealing way on a single wall on Lewis’ main campus in Romeoville, IL. The wall would move people visually from one story to the next through photography, design and materials.

As they meticulously researched and compiled the stories behind Lewis’ growth through the years, Chris and Sean envisioned an overall layout for the College of Business wall with a variety of large and small design components.

Still, one key element was missing to make it all come together: The material on which the design would be printed.

Lewis University

“We had a general idea of how we wanted this to look but needed recommendations for materials. And it wasn’t just solid and dependable materials.

We needed to deliver a major “wow” factor, so every major element appeared to leap off the wall.”

– Sean Hernandez
Assistant Director of Graphic Design, University of Chicago

ER2 Makes The History Of Lewis University Come To Life

For recommendations on design materials and installation, Chris and Sean knew just who to approach: ER2 Image Group.

Our reputation preceded us, because they had already seen the work that ER2 completed in the biological medical building at the University of Chicago, a wall of highlights achieved at the school over the years.

Our team on this project, led by Alan Schellerer and Pat Moore, thought about the best printing methods to make Chris and Sean’s vision and design come to life.

Lewis University

“There were a couple of options for materials to print on for the wall design.
One, we could print on PVC and create a dimensional look.

But then we thought about using acrylic – doing a digital print on the backside of half-inch clear acrylic and a front side, direct color print for the front of the acrylic. And we all felt that approach would give the design a cool, glossy feel.”

– Pat Moore
Senior Account Executive, ER2 Image Group

Total Collaboration Is Everything

Not every printing job has the same methodology or timeline for how it travels through production. This one was no different. Fortunately, if there’s one thing we know how to do better than anyone at ER2, it’s collaboration. And ER2’s process for producing design samples was collaborative in every sense.

Yes, we all knew how we wanted the pieces of the wall to look. Still, everyone on the team also had to consider the precise series of steps to produce that outcome, including routing, flame treatment, color, design application and printing.

Lewis University

The Best Result: Lewis University College of Business Timeline Wall

The finished product, with its many dimensional and color-contrasting acrylic pieces, is quite literally an “off-the-wall” design, just as all of us intended.

Check out the work from ER2 Image Group that transformed a historical timeline into a living design for Lewis University’s College of Business.

Our work on this project would soon lead to another design highlighting the trailblazers of the University of Chicago. Make sure you also look at our print and install work on that design.

If you’re planning or designing a timeline of an institution or company that needs to be an illuminating focal point for all to fully appreciate, talk to ER2 Image Group today. We’ll put our timeline of expertise in delivering the most incredible printing and installation work against anyone. Start exceeding your expectations with a call to 630.980.4567 or email [email protected].