Design is not just what it looks and feels like.


Steve Jobs
Iconoclast, Co-Founder of Apple and Pixar

Transforming Details Into The Decorative And Durable

CNC routing. Laser cutting. Engraving. Sewing. Painting.
These are the kinds of components in our Fabrication phase that some clients are pleasantly surprised to discover we do. There’s an immediate appreciation that so much of what you need to be done can happen right here at ER2 Image Group and doesn’t need to be sent out to another party, potentially causing delays. Fortunately, as you’re about to see, there’s a whole lot we can cover under one roof.

CNC Routing

Our CNC routing process is ideal when the design requires highly detailed graphic designs to be cut out of wood, plastic or metal. Your signage and displays never looked better.

Laser Cutting

The idea of making clean edges on wood and acrylic doesn’t intimidate ER2’s team one bit. That’s because we’ve got the laser cutting equipment and know-how to meet the challenge of creating complex shapes and designs with great accuracy.


Utilizing the latest laser technology, ER2 etches intricate designs on such surfaces as metal, glass and stone through our engraving process to lend that special touch that people always remember.


Trade show displays, banners and tablecloths need to stand up to the potential wear and tear of repeated use. That’s where our sewing process can be a tremendous asset to creating customized fabrics that both draw the eye and meet your high expectations for durability. We also sew silicone Edge Graphics on fabric to pair with our aluminum SEG Frames.

If this weren’t enough, everything we do goes beyond the high quality you should always expect from ER2 Image Group – we’re also 100% committed to using sustainable materials and environmentally responsible practices whenever possible. So you can rest assured that you’re doing right by your brand and the planet with every initiative we collaborate on.

Now let’s get this asset to you with a coordinated Execution phase of fulfillment and shipping that runs like clockwork.

Fabrication that brings Dreams to life

Our in-house fabrication means your project is top-quality start to finish.