EVERY BUILDING IS like a person.


Louis Sullivan

A Building Is Not The Final Destination To Get To.

It’s The Place Where Inspiration Arrives Without Limit.

Building environments and public installations are not meant to blend into the background as a space people walk through in transit. Each should be an address where people are captivated in wonder and large, once-lumbering corporations now move in a more nimble manner than even they ever expected.

awaken the ordinary

Through the talents of our team at ER2 Image Group, it can revive a dusty building left undisturbed for decades like Chicago’s Old Post Office and in its wake create an environment that brings together our most forward-thinkers in the technology space under one community of bustling activity.

a space for your ideas

Because from our perspective, the building environment is not a space between Point A and Point B. It’s the space that illustrates what happens when a proud history of where we’ve been meets the power of what we can do when our minds work together.

Building Inspiration

Stir Your Team's Emotions

We can’t wait to bring life into a space that stirs your team’s emotions and passions in a larger-than-life environment.