ER2 Goes All In For Sam’s Club Brand On Multi-Location Rollout

One of the great challenges in a multi-location retail rollout is ensuring total brand consistency. With an idea of what a retail location should look like, how can that be ideally replicated dozens or even hundreds of times over so that every experience looks the same?

Ironically, a nationwide retail rollout requires approaching each individual location with its own attention to detail. At ER2 Image Group, that engagement isn’t just one stage but practically all of them.

retail rollout

How so? “From the moment the client has a concept in place for what they want each store to look like upon completion, we’re hitting the ground running, Partner/VP Gary Schellerer explains. “Site surveys. Wall measurement. Consideration of all the pieces we’ll be using in our build. Collaboration with the client to understand what every store will need from a graphics standpoint. We’re involved from the very beginning.”

As part of any nationwide retail rollout, ER2’s team produces the graphics for every location, ships it to the location and coordinates installation for the project. In one of its more high-volume examples, the company completed 12-18 installs per month for Sam’s Club on a national level. Each Sam’s Club location was a four-day install in itself of graphics, from hanging signs to island markers to wall signage.

Retail rollouts of this nature become critical for franchise groups as well. Striking a balance between brand consistency and allowing each store some flexibility to customize within the brand is key, says Schellerer.

Retail Rollout

retail rollout

“Obviously, you want a brand that delivers the same look and feel as part of the experience every time a customer walks into your store. But with any multi-location retail rollout, not every store is going to have the same exact square footage, layout and flow of foot traffic. So we also put different elements into our program to provide each store with individual choice based on what that particular location needs.”

Gary Schellerer
VP/ Partner, ER2 Image Group

Do You Have Multiple Locations In Need Of A Quick And Powerful Brand Transformation?
If you’d like to turn over or add brand components on a regional or national level, talk to one of the representatives from ER2 Image Group about our multi-location retail rollout packages. Our vast network of installers can handle nationwide retail efforts that can reinforce and evolve your brand efforts, potentially positioning you for growth opportunities at an even larger footprint nationally or even globally.

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