Facilities Manager


Louis Sullivan

There’s Nothing More Beautiful Than A Functional Space.

Some may say that visual appeal is everything. We’ll respectfully disagree. Because as a Facilities Manager, you know there’s more to it than that. Like creating an environment that produces easy, efficient navigation for all who enter your facility, for example.

We collaborate with you

That’s why ER2 Image Group will collaborate closely with you to ensure our design and installation process results in a perfect reflection of the goals and vision you have for your facility. It’s a process that builds from the facility out, factoring in the unique properties of a space that demands a design all its own. 

You’re in the hands of the very best installation team in the industry

As we work toward creating a welcoming, informative and inviting environment that meets your specifications, you can also take comfort in knowing we’ve taken special care to minimize our impact to the environment throughout our design and installation process. You’re in the hands of the very best installation team in the industry – one that understands the importance of committing to sustainable materials.


When the higher-grade talent of ER2...

puts our time-tested processes in motion, you’ll be able to appreciate a visually exciting facility that just works smarter.