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ADA Compliance Can’t Wait. Luckily, We Have The Fastest Braille Printer In The World.

You have an employee or visitor to your store location who is visually impaired. They need to follow certain pieces of signage, but there’s no Braille to accommodate them. You’ve just found yourself with a significant liability issue because you’re not in American Disability Act (ADA) Compliance.

So how can you correct this issue across a variety of locations nationwide to quickly deliver ADA-compliant Braille materials that are durable and highly dynamic?

You turn to ER2 Image Group. That’s how.

braille printer

Braille Printing To Keep Your Office ADA-Compliant

We’re excited to offer the highest grade of industrial inkjet printing that enables ER2’s clients to print a full digitally printed background with raised letters and Braille dots. Producing this signage for the visually impaired comes courtesy of our brilliant manufacturing partners at Direct Color Systems (DCS).

Our investment in one of the most exceptional industrial UV/LED printers in the industry provides you with the perfect combination of quality, speed and versatility on all signage that requires compliance with federal ADA guidelines.

Accelerate Your Plans For Braille Prints
With The Braille Sign Printer To Match

If you need to rev up the amount of ADA-compliant signage across many locations in a limited time window, you definitely picked an ideal time and place. The machine under ER2 Image Group’s roof represents the fastest flatbed printer in the world of its kind.

To illustrate the blazing speed of this Braille printer, here are a couple of the eye-popping statistics on record:

  • ADA signs/Braille signs that can print in less than 2 minutes per sign
  • 5’ x 3’ 3-dimensional prints produced in 60 minutes
braille printer
Raised lettering and braille printing helps bring clarity and style to signage

A Braille Printer That Shows ADA Compliance
Can Still Be Big And Beautiful

That’s right. We’re talking about a Braille printer that gives our clients the opportunity to have a unique look and feel to signage, like 3-dimensional, photo-quality prints and fine detail marking that can be applied to a variety of different substrates. Add stunning texture to your signs in just one pass, giving them raised prints with a difference a visually impaired audience can literally feel.

In addition, the newest printer to our line delivers a fantastic print resolution of up to 1200dpi, so there’s no sacrifice in quality the bigger you go.  

It’s A Machine That’s Made For The Future:
Specifically, Your Future. 

As impressive as it is, ER2 Image Group doesn’t bring in a new flatbed printer for its looks. We do so to give you the capability to scale up production with a machine that expands as you do.

We can point to a UV LED flatbed featuring a wide format print area that measures 5’ x 3’ and offers you the opportunity to go bigger on practically everything associated with your brand. And in the process of thinking bigger, you’ll open up new profit opportunities.

The machine can print on unusually thick substrates, leaving all limits behind.

The wider print area isn’t the only way to push the boundaries. Sometimes you’ve got to work with a substrate that measures up to 4” thick. Fortunately, our printer also has fully adjustable height options to handle that challenge. With its outstanding stability and durability, this is one machine built for all your tomorrows too. It has industrial Ricoh Gen6 print heads and a reliable delivery system direct from DCS we can count on, so if the need for compliant signage calls for a much bigger job, there’s no better printer equipped for the task than this one.

ADA-Compliant Printing Is More Than Flipping A Switch

braille printer training at ER2 Image Group
Our team received training directly from DCS on Day 1.

Direct Color Systems holds a patented UV printing process that complies with federal ADA guidelines. To ensure we consistently execute this process with every signage request, our team at ER2 Image Group has been thoroughly trained directly on-site by a DCS trainer. We can now safely say we know our way around the complete system and its accompanying software, so we’ve got the team to keep this machine and your project on it humming along.

Whether it’s an ADA-compliant print job involving Braille printing services or a sign that calls for unique 3-D effects, have a conversation with us at ER2 Image Group today about your big project. When the most advanced tools combine with our best-in-industry talent for thinking bigger, there’s nothing we can’t do together.

To help your company face compliance, substrate challenges and your plans to crush last year’s profit goals, call ER2 Image Group at 630.980.4567, email or fill out our contact form.

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