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Behind the New Look at the White Sox Ball Park

Okay, so we had to dodge snow flakes on opening day. That’s baseball in Chicago. But did you see what the White Sox have done with the place? Guaranteed Rate Field was all spruced up for the new season, and we’re proud to say that we were involved in the process.

Starting Lineup

As any coach will tell you, it takes a team effort to win a ball game. It’s the same for giving a major league ball park a new look. First up was the White Sox management team, with a clear vision that is the envy of your average major league umpire. Batting cleanup was 3M International, delivering high-performance vinyl materials to get the White Sox brand noticed on nearly every interior and exterior application imaginable. Known for clean execution of the fundamentals and a fan favorite for making the home team’s ideas look bigger and better, ER2 got the ball. And the closer? It was one of our favorite installation pro teams and one that we’re proud to take the field with – B5 Installations.

The Pitch

The White Sox wanted to update and refresh graphics on everything around the park. And we mean everything – up to and including the restrooms. Seriously, if it wasn’t moving, it was likely to be covered in 3M vinyl. The park had called up new sponsors and venues that needed to be found before the crowd took their seats after the Anthem. The new Craft Kave (craft beers on tap) and a re-branded patio needed to find a place in the program with on-site and directional signage. Everything had to be able to withstand the elements and over-enthusiastic Sox fans (you know who you are). Let’s look at the box score.

The Stats

500-100 Level and Ticket set ups: 450 sq. feet of 3M Controltac™ 180 vinyl film with ½” black and white acrylic 3D letters.

Patio Rebrand:540 square feet of 3M Textured Wall Film that melts into nooks and crannies of bricks and rough surfaced when heated, along with 310 sq. feet of canvas prints in custom frames (these are less likely to be taken home as souvenirs than flags or pennants since they are anchored to wall).

Craft Kave: 700 sq. feet of textured wall film and Controltac.

3D Tunnel Round Sox element: A 3-D rendering of the White Sox logo made out of wood, vinyl, black PVC and white acrylic letters.

Sport Depot (the official store of the Chicago White Sox): 300 sq. feet of textured wall film with ½” black PVC dimensional letters.

CIBC Fan Box (the only suite on the lower level concourse): 100 sq. feet of Controltac.

 Not to mention the huge (60’ by 50’) exterior window logo we made after the end of last year’s season. It was so big the only way the premium cast 3M film could be applied was using a lift that extended from the parking lot! Casting is a process that results in a durable, flexible film that will look fresh and bright from Opening Day through the last game of the World Series (Hey, it can happen, okay?).

No Extra Innings

Believe it or not, our printing portion was done in only 3-4 days, just in time for everything to be installed in the park for Media Day (a few days before the first home game).

It’s Outta Here!

The results, as you can see from the accompanying photos, were spectacular. Were the White Sox pleased? Well we really…no. We’re not gonna say it. We’re not.


Okay, fine. We’ll say it. WE HIT A HOME RUN!

If you want to add some power to your graphics lineup, please contact us. We’ll be waiting for the call-up.

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