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No More Bare Walls! ER2 Offers Residential Installations

When it comes to wallcoverings, we’re known for transforming spaces that range from retail locations to large-scale events. If you’ve ever looked at one of our designs and thought that something similar would look awesome in your home, then you’re in luck! One of our design masterminds, Dan Gray, has extended his talents to the residential market. He couldn’t help himself. You know how we feel about blank walls!

How’d we get here?

We’re always excited to jump into a new project, and there are a lot of people who are starting to realize the benefits of wallcoverings. Of course, not everyone has retail spaces that need a touch of that ER2 magic, so taking our skills to residential areas was the next logical step. The ease of installation along with the flexibility of adhesion levels (from permanent to temporary) makes them very attractive to any homeowner looking to add a little pizazz to the place they come home to every day.

The transition was fairly easy for us; not only do we have the tools to get the job done, but our team members are also passionate about interior design. They were particularly enthusiastic about giving these projects a try, and combined with Dan’s expertise it was easy to execute exactly what we imagined. A lot of our first residential customers were out pickiest ones: ourselves! In fact, the very first installation we did was in one of our own living spaces!

Residential Installations

They have a passion for art, so we used Photo Tex textile wallcovering to turn a plain wall into an appreciation of the faces of Picasso. The result definitely adds extra character to the room. One of the best things about utilizing wallcoverings in your home is that it’s a unique way to liven up a space compared to the limitations of new furniture or fresh coat of paint. Does anyone really enjoy painting their house, anyway? Let’s be real, here.

The panels were printed in-house on our HP 3600 Latex printer and only took between 4-6 hours to install (varies depending on final material and square footage).

The second member of our team to take the leap decided to add some fun touches to the bedroom of Lyla, their daughter. The look and feel of this design was significantly different from the previous project. Total flexibility. Another perk to using wall coverings as in-home décor.

Residential Installations

The design that Dan and the team landed on for Lyla is bold, loud and a little bit silly (PS: we love cookies too!). It’s the perfect choice for a 6-year old child whose personality matches the décor today, but can also be removed and replaced with something else as they grow and their interests change. For this room, we used Dreamscape Sandblast material and printed the panels on our HP 3600 Latex printer.

Sandblast was specifically chosen for this project because its texture was the closest match to the brick image we chose for the design. Texture is one of our favorite things to play around with. It brings way more than just flat imagery to your in-home design, and that’s just the beginning. We’ll always have loads of original ideas on how to achieve the look you’re dreaming of.

We take QA testing very seriously. To confirm quality in both the product and our process for residential applications, we installed samples on our own walls at ER2 Headquarters. After perfecting this craft, we were thrilled to add residential services to our line of offerings.

Our residential wallcovering process

One of the biggest benefits to this service is the ease and speed of installation. We photograph the space beforehand so we can overlay an image of the design and show our clients exactly what the room will look like upon completion. Once we’ve confirmed the design and noted any changes, we jump right into the installation.

The process itself is actually similar to hanging normal wallpaper. The material needed depends on the dimensions of the room that’s serving as our canvas, but for a standard wall with 8- to 12-foot ceilings, we generally use five or six panels of material. The longevity of the design is entirely up to our client. Installations can be designed as purely temporary, or they can last as long as normal wallpaper would. It’s a truly flexible product.

And we’re not in your home for days at a time. The biggest challenges that our installers face is working around existing fixtures in the home, but compared to some of the more ambitious installs we’ve done in non-residential spaces, it’s a piece of cake.

What we’re capable of

Whether you’re looking to add a permanent design aspect to your home, or looking for something a little more temporary, we can make it happen. Between the capabilities of our HP 3600 Latex and the wide range of materials available, we’ll come up with the perfect design that fits your needs.  

Better, yet, the sky’s the limit! We have no restrictions on how large of a residential space we’re willing to work with, so if you have some awesome ideas you’d love to get started on, then contact us today. We’ll be in and out before you know it, leaving nothing but an awesome new living space behind.

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