UBER Freight Transports You To One Incredible Office Environment

The UBER Freight space truly tells the story of how our Applied Surfaces group, a division of ER2 Image Group, worked with a global architecture firm and the client to create a space filled with groundbreaking interior design and environmental graphics. (Click here to check out the video!) UBER wanted to consolidate several of its […]

LinkedIn Omaha Office: The Most Custom Elements We’ve Ever Done On One Project

The project of transforming the brand-new LinkedIn Omaha office is the perfect illustration of how our team at Applied Surfaces, a division of ER2 Image Group, views every project well before the installation. Before thinking about the logistics of bringing a new environment to life around hundreds of employees, we work closely with the architects […]

Numerator: How To Live And Breathe Your New Brand Every Day.
In Larger-Than-Life Style.

Numerator is a data and tech company that’s all about helping some of the biggest brands in the world understand consumer behavior and identify growth opportunities from it. We’re talking about the kind of powerful market intelligence and insights that most Fortune 100 companies rely on, including Target, Coca-Cola, HP, Unilever and Walmart. When Numerator […]