Our New Installer Apprentice Program: Home-Grown Careers Built From The Ground Up.

installer apprentice

When you can stand back and take a look at the incredible installation you’ve just helped build, that regular passersby or employees are going to marvel at every day, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Our installers at ER2 know. They live it, breathe it and have a passion for it. Talent like theirs is hard to come by. So we figured, “Why not establish a true Installer Apprentice program right here for people who are hungry to learn a new trade and skill set?”


With this in mind, we give you the ER2 Image Group Installer Apprentice Program: Each member selected for this program will work as an Apprentice under one of our very own ER2 installers, who will teach them the ropes of the trade.

More than simply “shadowing,” these highly driven and motivated apprentices will learn from the best of the best installers our industry has to offer. But this is no ordinary classroom or teaching environment. Our apprentices will learn on the job, getting their hands dirty helping our team perform the kind of skilled labor and physical activity that brings the high impact installations to life that ER2 Image Group is known for. So they’ll build their careers as they continually build our reputation.

It’s the kind of rare opportunity that doesn’t open up every day here at ER2 Image Group, so if you know of someone with a terrific work ethic, attitude and burning desire to literally see the rewards of their work in stunning detail, talk to them about our Installer Apprentice Program. And then have them talk to us at 630.980.4567.

It just might be the structure they’ve been waiting to be inspired by.


Candidates for the ER2 Image Group Installer Apprentice Program will be subject to a background check. GED or high school diploma as well as good physical conditioning to lift large objects and climb ladders required.