Sort of Crazy, a Little Insane and Very Big: Building the CrowdRise Giving Tower

Charity fundraising site CrowdRise had a “sort of crazy, a little insane and very big” idea: create a virtual tower that would grow as donations came in for their Giving Tuesday campaign on December 2nd. They built an app that would augment reality through viewers’ phones of a hologram tower rising higher and higher as money came in. The key, though, was creating physical markers in various cities around the country that the app could read to anchor the illusion.

This type of innovation carries a lot of risk; there was no room for error if the markers were going to be installed on time, durable enough to stay standing in the wind, and be read by the app correctly. With all those concerns in mind, they turned to ER2 to ensure the Giving Tower would reach the clouds. Thanks to a partnership of talented people and focused execution, the event was a huge success. The $2.1 million raised created a tower that rose to 2700 ft tall! See for yourself how we did it and what the final skyscraper looked like.