Carey Haegeland

Executive Assistant Manager

What’s my day like?
Hectic yet enjoyable! I am here to be helpful with everything and anything that pops up. 

I had some big shoes to fill.
I took over for Donna Hatfield, who had been an Office Manager at ER2 for 30 years. When I was interviewing with Gary, Donna was so friendly and easygoing. Then she said she was retiring! Fortunately for me, I was able to start the following Monday and sit with Donna for a week learning the ropes before her departure.

ER2 is really a return to my roots.
My career started in the travel industry and transitioned to Management. I spent 25 years in travel. However, my degree is in Human Resources. When I saw the role open at ER2, I came in and met with Gary. Ever since, it’s felt so welcoming and feels like I’m getting back to what I originally studied for.

It feels like family here. Even if your last name isn’t Schellerer.
ER2 is a family-owned company, but we’re all treated like family. Everybody here is so helpful and nice to one another.

I’m happiest on the slopes when I get back up there.
I’m a skier and was going to ski more this year until I tore my ACL and meniscus, so I’ve been healing from that until the snow comes again this year. Which figures because I just bought new skis!

If I’m not on the slopes, I’m in the garden.
My other passion is gardening. There’s nothing like stepping out on the deck and picking all the fixings for a salad. Don’t be surprised when you see a basket of tomatoes in the kitchen.

Traveling was a great opportunity and I took advantage of it.
Alaska, Australia, New Zealand and Spain, to name a few. Then I have family in Sweden and Norway as well as a grandnephew on the way in Ireland. I’m a foodie, so I really enjoy being able to try new things along the way. 

I have a fur baby too.
Well, not really a baby – kind of a mini horse. I rescued a Great Dane a few years ago who still acts like a puppy. He will be six this month.