Chloe Watson

Graphic Designer

How did I get into graphic design? 

I didn’t know what I wanted to pursue in college until Junior year. But I knew I was interested in technology and doing something that would allow me creative freedom. So I moved into Design Studies as a major at the University of Illinois-Chicago.

I owe it to my teachers back at BEACON Academy of Media & Digital Arts at South Elgin High School. I had paid them a visit asking for advice and insight on what to do career-wise. They suggested Graphic Design, which I had honestly somehow never heard of. Once I started Googling “What is Graphic Design?” I was hooked.

My first impression of ER2 was beyond anything I expected.

After college, I was online looking for jobs to apply to with no luck. That was when I knew I needed to get out there and network. After learning about ER2 at an event, I visited the ER2 website and saw terrific projects done for LinkedIn’s Omaha office, UBER Freight’s headquarters, The Old Post Office and more. Reading about that and watching some of ER2’s videos, I knew it was a great environment. I just had to apply for a job here.

If I’m being honest, one of the other first impressions I’ll always remember is entering this huge warehouse and being dumbfounded by the size of the printers. They’re as big as school buses.

I’ve wanted to leave my mark since my first month here.

I was given some very cool opportunities to contribute at ER2 and its Applied Surfaces division right away, including projects I was able to start from scratch. When I have a blank canvas to build from like that, I love getting into the process by pulling inspiration from a variety of places and often following my gut instinct on my designs. I’ve found I work best under pressure because it limits the amount of time I have to overthink the challenge before me.

After tweaking some things based on feedback, it’s awesome to step back and see what you’ve created, especially for the type of companies we have as clients.

I’m learning that doing scary things is getting me into good places.

I don’t turn my nose up at anything, whether projects or technologies, even if I don’t immediately understand how to do them. That feeling can be scary for some people, but I embrace that fear of the unknown. Just because I don’t recognize how to do something right now doesn’t mean I can’t learn and apply that.

Speaking of scary things…

Many people don’t know this, but I love horror movies. It would be over 10 pages long if you made a list of all the horror movies I’ve seen. I think my favorite horror movie to date is “Midsommar.” Ari Aster is one of my favorite directors, next to James Wan.

Design isn’t the only way I channel my creativity.

I also love painting and making things that incorporate my art. It’s a helpful outlet that allows me to let go and relieve built-up stress.

I enjoy baking too. While I may not be the best cook, I can make some great cookies and pies. I mean, dessert is the best part anyway, right?