Jake Reed

Director, Applied Surfaces Division

I grew up in the kind of place Stephen King would write about.
A tiny town of 200 people. No stoplights. One soda machine.

I’ve seen Hocus Pocus 465 times.
Don’t judge me.

Everyone likes making cool stuff and bringing crazy ideas to life. But there’s more to it than that.
Besides crazy and cool, we have a lot of people at ER2 invested in making everything we do as successful and beautiful as possible too.

Home is good. Actually, it’s my favorite place in the world.
I’m a homebody, so that’s where I enjoy being the most. I could be doing some odd job or home improvement project, making dinner with my son, taking a nap or all of the above.

My favorite band is called Murder by Death. My favorite concert was Brandi Carlile at Red Rocks in Colorado.

My favorite sports teams are the Chicago Cubs, Indianapolis Colts and Lombard 8-Year-Old Blue Team.
They’re currently called the Dragon-Cobras, but they’re open to suggestions.

Raising a strong, well-adjusted, intelligent, emotionally competent son is the biggest goal of my life. But I’d also like to win the lottery or trip over a rock only to find out it’s a box full of Spanish gold coins – something like that would be okay too.