InnerWorkings:Inspiration Flows Through a Newly Designed Space

When InnerWorkings wanted to completely reimagine their office space and turn it into something that more closely reflects the company as it is today, they trusted us to turn their vision into something that would inspire.

One of their main goals was to create a space that employees and visitors alike could get excited about. They wanted a space that would inspire passion and energy in the people working within its walls. It was a challenge we couldn’t wait to conquer.

“One of the ways that ER2 was great was in giving us ideas on how we could really make things pop.” – Karen Vu, Brand Director

Throughout the building, you’ll find a lot of flexible working spaces. There are meeting rooms, open collaboration spaces and even an atrium that provides natural light. And from the meeting rooms to the hallways that you walk down to reach them, We made sure to incorporate details that complemented every inch of the space InnerWorkings designed. Throughout the entire office you’ll find beautiful graphics and bright colors, and we used acrylics and various dimensional pieces that helped raise things off the wall for even more added character.

“The image on our side needs to be squeaky clean, it has to be sparkling. It has to be fresh, it needs to be new, and it needs to be right. And I think we achieved that.” – Oliver Kimberly, Chief Marketing Officer

That’s what we call a job well done.