Chicago has always been a place built by great minds who demanded more of the environment they were in.

They demanded more of themselves. They redefined the boundaries of what was possible. They thought so big that their creations could rise from nothing to give the world a spectacle to see.

From this place we call home, it is only natural to think bigger with everything we do.

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Make No Small Plans

Transforming environments is the way that the ordinary becomes the iconic.

It delivers the awe-inspiring and unexpected. It produces a community of chemistry and passion. One that people love to belong to and beam with pride when they talk about it.

This is what drives us at ER2 Image Group to breathe life into ideas on a grander scale. We push the limits of what environments have been to a place that feels exhilarating, loud, fearless, surprising, shocking and astoundingly unforgettable. All for the benefit of the architects, designers, event coordinators, exhibition builders, fleet managers and corporations we partner with.

Now it’s time for you to see how we do it.

Everything Gets Redefined From Here

Check out examples of ER2’s work to see how our team’s bigger thinking transforms plans on paper into stunningly bold environments in the real world.

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The Inspiration Room

ER2 Feels Like Family

A company is transformed into an environment where the people are always there each other because that’s just the way we do things here.

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